SmoothiesIt’s almost that time of year again when the indulgence of Christmas is over and the search for the latest detox begins. It is a search for a list of foods to eat and foods to avoid. A search for the ultimate superfood and best cleansing supplements. But do we really need to be told what to eat if we want to have a New Year cleanse?

I believe that detoxing is an extremely powerful tool for good health and for years I have written articles giving detox advice. I have provided clients with recommendations on how to detox, on what to eat and what to do. But this year I find myself feeling resistant to giving any advice on the topic.

Why? Because we all know intuitively what foods we personally need to have a break from to support our health. This is our detox. With so much nutrition information available today we are constantly searching outside ourselves for answers and advice. We want to be told what to do and how to eat. But we already know what we should be eating, we just need to tune-in to the wisdom of our body.

This is a much more compassionate way to health. Instead of imposing a set of rules and regulations on the body we listen to what the body needs in order to be healthy. Only you know what your Achilles’ heel is when it comes to food and what the most helpful change would be. Maybe you have a soft spot for sugar, alcohol or coffee. Or maybe you know that bread is making you bloated. You know what you should stop eating for January if you want to cleanse.

When we listen to how food makes us feel we experience direct communication from our body. It tells us what is nourishing us and what is causing imbalances. We then know exactly what the best detox is for us individually today. And it may be different from the detox we needed last year or what we will need next year. This intuitive detox allows our food choices to unfold from within and it lets go any sense of denial and deprivation. It is empowering and it is kind.

So rather than search for a list of foods that you need to give-up in the New Year, I invite you to take five minutes to sit in silence and quietly ask yourself what foods are causing imbalances in your body today? What foods is your body asking you to have a break from? Write down what answers you get and repeat the practice as the 1st January approaches. When you next eat that particular food, observe how it feels in your body – both minutes and hours after you have eaten it. You will begin to notice how your body is constantly but subtly communicating with you.

Let’s make 2017 a year for combining expert opinions with our own inner wisdom. It is time to embrace intuitive, compassionate eating and to let go of fear and rule-based nutrition.