Silently rest, yield to the energy flow

Reiki is a natural healing technique whereby universal energy is channeled through the practitioner’s hands to the individual. This enables deep relaxation and helps the body to naturally rebalance.

The subtle energy within us has many names including prana, chi and life force. In yoga it is referred to as prana. The energy flows in channels throughout the body, called nadis, and meet at central chakras. When our energy flow is disrupted, blocked or unbalanced it can manifest as poor health. Reiki uses universal energy to help re-balance these disruptions.

I offer reiki to women for a range of health concerns including to support:

• Hormonal balance
• Fertility
• Pregnancy
• Post-natal recovery
• Energy, vitality and wellbeing

Reiki is recognised as being safe and effective alongside other medical modalities and conventional treatments.

Reiki appointments last 60 minutes (£50)

In person sessions are held in Salisbury.

Worldwide Clients Welcome
Via Skype & Telephone

Telephone & Skype Available

‘Now is the time to unite the soul and the world. Now is the time to see the sunlight dancing as one with the shadows’

Reiki Puja

Reiki In Salisbury, Wiltshire August 29, 2014