Love your body, nourish your being

Every time we eat we have the opportunity to nourish ourselves. We have the option to eat in a way that is going to create more harmony within us, or to create dis-harmony or dis-ease. The more we are able to eat in harmony with our true needs, and to remain fluid and responsive to our changing requirements, the more we can flourish and fully express who we are.

To fully express ourselves, we also need to feel a clear connection with life outside ourselves. To feel connected to the universe and mother Earth, which we are all part of. Eating is therefore also a wonderful way for us to re-connect, as everything we eat is an offering from the Earth.

At different times in our life we have different food requirements, depending on our age, stress levels, illness, the seasons, the moon phases, the time of day, and so forth. By honouring these natural rhythms and cycles within ourselves we are also able to re-connect with the natural rhythms and cycles of the Earth. Eating then becomes so much more than a functional nutritional analysis and allows us to develop deep inner awareness of our own needs and a deeper awareness of our connection to the world around us.


I offer one-to-one nutrition consultations to help people develop a deeper awareness of which foods are right for them. My approach is non-dogmatic and fluid and the emphasis is on guiding individuals to re-gain their health through nourishing foods. As well as dietary guidance, I may also recommend naturopathic cleansing techniques, tests, supplements and lifestyle changes where appropriate.

Given the right conditions we have the ability to bring the body back into balance and experience full health. The body knows how to be healthy, but it’s up to us to provide the conditions it needs to heal and to be well.

Natural nutrition can support the body to restore balance in a range of conditions. The areas that I specialise in helping people with include:

– Energy
– Stress
– Fertility and preconception care
– Pregnancy support
– Female hormone balance
– Cleanses
– Healthy eating with inner awareness

When using food therapeutically I also emphasis the need to have fun, to explore new foods, play with different recipes and to approach the changes with a sense of excitement. We need to nourish ourselves on all levels, which includes not feeling deprived and working at a pace that is right for us individually.

Consultations are available as face-to-face, telephone or skype appointments.
Initial consultations are 1 hour (£90) and follow-up appointments are 45 minutes (£75)

Worldwide Clients Welcome
Via Skype & Telephone

Telephone & Skype Available

‘To change, a person must face the dragon of his appetites with another dragon, the life-energy of the soul’

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