On yoga

Julia AldermanI was first introduced to yoga at the age of 15. At first I didn’t know why I practiced, except that I was drawn to it and it made me feel good. Then as my hunger for the subject grew, I began to explore it more deeply as an art, science and philosophy. Over the years the impact that yoga has had on my life and the benefits I have experienced have been truly immense. It has helped me physically and emotionally and taught my spirit to breath. It now permeates my life in more ways than I could have ever imagined.
I have explored many different paths of yoga and my teaching continues to unfold as I draw on new experiences in life. My first teacher training programme was at the Iyengar Yoga Institute in London, and I have since completed courses in well women yoga therapy with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and pregnancy and post-natal yoga with BirthLight yoga. I regularly attend classes and workshops with senior teachers and frequently visit India to further develop my practice.
I have taught in a range of yoga studios in London and Bath before moving to Wiltshire, as well as one-to-one classes, workshops and retreats.

On nutrition

WheatgrassI have always had a passion for natural living and wellbeing. Nutrition has helped me in many ways over the course of my life, including helping me with my hormones, skin and energy. However, I experienced the most profound effect when I was diagnosed with cervical dysplasia (stage 2 pre-cancerous cells in the cervix) and decided to embark on natural treatment. Rather than having laser surgery I undertook an intense programme of raw food, vegetable juices, supplements, coffee enemas and other techniques. After six months test results showed that the programme had been successful. This experience has given me first hand proof of the power of natural nutrition and how the body is able to return to balance when given the right environment. This approach is about supporting the body to heal itself and treating the whole person, not just a symptom.
I have a background in science with an honours degree in biology, and after graduating I went on to study nutritional therapy at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition. On completing my training I worked as the residential nutritionist for a five-star hotel in Cyprus running a variety of detox programmes for guests from all over the world. I have since held a busy nutrition clinic treating a range of health conditions, as well as presenting nutrition workshops, corporate wellness days, calculating nutrient analysis reports and writing articles. As well as my private work, I also work with The Optimum Health Clinic in London and The Nutrition Coach. I have patients across the globe, who I consult through skype or phone consultations if they are not able to travel. I am registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council and a member of the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy.

On reiki

ShivaAs my career in the complementary health field has progressed it has become evident to me that the route cause of many chronic health conditions is an accumulation of stresses, which in turn disrupts our energy flow. In order for us to bring our health back into balance we need deep rest so that the body is in a healing state and we need to address energy blockages. I have experienced energy medicine myself with truly transformative effects. I think it’s one of those things in life that you cannot really believe and understand until you’ve experienced. And then there’s no going back! It gives us direct evidence of the underlying nature of life as a continual flow of energy, which is beyond conceptualisation.
I have completed my reiki masters and holy fire training with reiki Master Miguel Chavez, in the lineage of Dr Mikao Usui. This lineage is very close to Dr Mikao Usui, with only six teachers before me. I have used reiki in one-to-one sessions for a wide range of emotional and physical imbalances, and to support women during pregnancy. Sessions are also available through distance healing, when it’s not possible to attend in person.

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‘My body is the temple of my soul and asanas are my prayer’

BKS Iyengar

About Julia Alderman August 29, 2014