I recorded this breath practice and mantra meditation for the international trauma super conference, hosted by Conscious Life, earlier this year.

The breath practice is a visual alternate nostril breathing practice. This is classically taught with holding and controlling the breath, but when working with anxiety and trauma, this can often feel uncomfortable. Therefore in this session we are not controlling the breath, but rather observing and coming into relationship with the breath. 

In the mantra meditation we’ll place the mantra ‘So-Hum’, meaning ‘I Am That’,  into the centre of the head. This can be very uesful if you notice unhelpful thought patterns during the day and need to return to yourself and find stillness.

Both of these practices can be done throughout the day and can be done either sitting on a bolster or chair, or lying down if needed.

I hope you enjoy the practice and if you want to share your experience or find out more about how meditation can help you, please do get in touch.

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