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My Empowered Eating method began with a question that has puzzled many of us – what is the ideal diet? This is a question that I sought answers to as a teenager and throughout my twenties, and it’s a question that continues to drive many of my clients, and indeed the whole diet and wellness industry. There are constantly new diets, each claiming to be the ideal way to eat to transform our health. Yet, despite this wealth of information, many people are still struggling with their health and it’s clear that something is missing. We need to look elsewhere for the answers.

The Empowered Eating method was born out of my observations and learnings from clinical practice, that there is no one-size-fits-all ideal diet. That is because our dietary needs are hugely individual. Your own individual diet is going to depend on many factors including your genetics, culture, medical history, life experiences, environment, age, activity level and your current state of health. Therefore to buy into a one-size fits all wellness diet often neglects your unique requirements.

Empowered Eating teaches you how to turn your attention inwards, towards your body, instead of looking outside yourself for answers.  The body holds a library of information and when we tune into it we can access the information and answers that we’re seeking. No one knows your body better than you do and it is my aim to teach you tools to deepen your relationship with yourself, so that you can feel empowered to make food choices based on your own unique needs.

This is a much more nuanced and dynamic approach to nutrition. It involves continually tuning into our evolving needs and adapting, so that we can bring ourselves back into balance.  We come to recognise that a diet that suited us 2 years ago, may not be suitable now and a diet that works for our friend may not work for us. We can also become more subtle and see how our dietary needs change depending on how well we have slept, our stress levels, our bowel habits, our menstrual cycle and emotions.

But, why is this approach so important?

Empowered Eating is hugely needed today because there are more diets than ever claiming to be ‘the answer’ to good health. Unfortunately, these diets are disconnecting people from their bodies and making them ill. By buying into dogmatic ways of eating I’ve seen countless numbers of clients come to me with new health problems, as well as significant fears around eating certain food groups. These restrictive diets and one-size-fits all health claims are harmful.

This level of physical disconnection means that people are ignoring loud signals from their body that something is amiss. They are following an outside ‘expert’ opinion instead of listening to their body. This includes clients that have moved to a high protein diet and not had a bowel movement for up to three week, clients who have become hypoglycemic and fainted whilst intermittent fasting, clients who have had more pre-menstrual symptoms and anxiety whilst following a low carbohydrate diet and the many clients that have had lower energy, poorer cognition and increased irritability and mood swings whilst following a wellness diet.

If we only eat with our minds and not with our bodies, it is impossible to know whether or not a diet is working for us. We therefore need to apply any diet advice to our body as experimentation, not as an absolute. This way we increase our self-knowledge about what works for our body, and what does not, so that we can continually bring ourselves back into balance. It also takes away food fears and confusions, because our food choices are coming from within, and there is a deeper wisdom attached to them.

Through this integrated way of eating, food becomes a powerful way of nurturing your body and transforming your health. If this resonates with you and you’d like to learn our more about personalised nutrition with intuitive eating then contact me today and we can arrange a free 15-minute discovery call.  You can choose to work with me one-to-one to address specific health concerns or join one of my group courses to start this journey of empowered health through body wisdom.

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