My Philosophy

I believe that true health comes when we combine expert knowledge with our own inner wisdom. Today there is an abundance of external knowledge on what to eat and how to live in order to be healthy, but how do we know that the information is right for us individually?

The answer is through accessing our inner wisdom. This is the wisdom of the body that always knows what is right for us in each moment and in each phase of our life. It is always accessible to us, we just need to tune into it.

My Services

I am an experienced yoga teacher, registered nutritional therapist and reiki practitioner and I combine these modalities to guide individuals to health and wellbeing. I make recommendations based on my knowledge and years of experience, but also guide them to connect with their inner wisdom so that everything we do fully supports their unique needs and is guided from within.

I am based in Wiltshire and run regular yoga classes in Salisbury. However, I also consult with clients from across the globe through skype and telephone appointments.

For me yoga is a way of life and therefore all my services have yoga at the heart of them. Yoga is ultimately a search within ourselves to reveal our true nature. Yoga asana on the mat is just the start of the journey towards increased self-awareness and acting from the space of the heart. As the practice unfolds we can bring these into how we eat and how we choose to live. It brings greater connection to others, to Earth and the nectar of life.

Yoga in Salisbury

‘Spirituality is not some external goal that one must seek, but part of the divine core of each of us, which we must reveal.  Spirituality is not ethereal and outside nature, but accessible and palpable in our very own bodies.  Indeed the very idea of a spiritual path is a misnomer.  After all, how can you move towards something that, like Divinity, is already by definition everywhere?’
BKS Iyengar ‘Light on Life’

‘An open heart is fit to receive teaching from the stones or the brooks, the stars or the sun, or the moon, or from anything which has its existence in our divine universe!’
Swami Vivekananda ‘Bhakti Yoga’

Worldwide Clients Welcome
Via Skype & Telephone

Telephone & Skype Available

‘One should meditate on one’s own self in the form of the vast sky, unlimited in all directions, then the power of consciousness is free from any support and reveals her own nature’

Yoga Sunset

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